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5 Tips For Celebrating Earth Day, Everyday!

By Gloria Tafoya
Posted by Gloria Tafoya on April 22, 2019 in  uncategorized
National Earth Day: April 22nd, 2019. Here are a few simple Eco-friendly tips to incorporate in to your every day life at home! -Use less water- It seems challenging, but it’s actually one of the easiest! Try limiting the length of your showers & using a more efficient (Eco-friendly) shower-head. Low flow is the way to go! Also, try washing your dishes by hand more often than running the dishwasher. For the days you need the dishwasher, make sure it's full to get the most out of your load. -Donate instea... read more

Spruce Up Your Space Pt. 2

By Gloria Tafoya
Posted by Gloria Tafoya on April 08, 2019 in  uncategorized
"Breathe life into your home."  Whether your interior design consists of succulents & mirrors, tapestries & crystals, or books & cozy blankets, make sure your home makes you feel uplifted emotionally & spiritually. As the weather warms up it's time to say goodbye to winter blues & say hello to fresh flowers & a blissful breeze! I'm excited to roll out this new series packed with themed Home DIY Inspiration in this time of transition! Make sure to check back every Monday! - Let's g... read more
The first thing someone sees when they are looking for a home is pictures.  Whether on a realtor’s website or a site like Zillow, pictures are their first impression.  If your pictures are dark, closed in, and don’t really represent your home, they likely won’t entice buyers either.  Professional real estate photographers know all the tricks to make your home more appealing without misrepresenting it. First thing a professional will do is make sure they have adequate lighting. &n... read more

Creating a Beautiful Backyard Summer Party

Posted by Step Beyond Media on May 15, 2018 in  Design  DIY  Events
Summer is just around the corner which means barbecues and bonfires in the backyard!  Here are some stunning ideas for the drink station (because we all know that is where most of your party guests will spend their time!) Personalized concoctions Who doesn’t love mixing liquids to make the ULTIMATE lemonade?! Whether you are having a morning party (can anyone say mimosa bar) or a dinner party, offer different types of juices and sodas to allow for some creativity! Use glass bottles To step your... read more

This or That?

Posted by Step Beyond Media on May 03, 2018 in  Design  DIY  Home Improvements  Trends
What are your design preferences? Building a home can be overwhelming, but if you think of it as this or that your decisions may be easier! Here are some common rooms and design trends that are going on in 2018!KITCHEN  Do you prefer the modern, simple look of the kitchen on the left or the farmhouse, rustic look of the one on the right?BATHROOM   White in homes is trending BIG TIME, but does the bathroom on the left have a little too much white or do you like the clean look?  People a... read more