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Tips for Moving in Winter

Posted: December 19, 2018 by Rhonda Bever

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There are many advantages to moving when the weather is colder outside including reduced mover rates and better availability to hire movers or rent moving equipment, but there are some important tips to remember when moving to your new home in Winter. Here are a few suggestions to make your move an easier one.

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It is important to remember to make sure that the utilities at your new home are turned on before the big move. This is an important task that you do not want to forget to do because after a long day or days of moving when you get to your new home you will want everything to be functioning correctly and not having heat, lights or water can create a very big problem. It is recommended to have the utilities turned on 1 to 2 days before you move it.

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Before you start loading the moving truck or your own vehicles to move items to your new home you will want to be sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear. If need be salt your driveway or sidewalks to help prevent any accidents. This likely will need to be done at your new home too. If you are moving from out of state have a property manager check your new place ahead of time.

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Protect the inside floors of your home during your move. High traffic areas should be covered in tarp, large pieces of cardboard or plastic sheeting to help prevent damage from snow, mud and ice. Cardboard works best for carpeted areas.

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Regardless if you are hiring movers or moving your items yourself with friends having warm beverages such as coffee or tea on hand will be welcomed on a cold Winters day. Be sure to have extra gloves, mittens and hats on hand too!

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Keeping on eye on the weather when moving in the Winter seems like common sense but with everything else on your to do list it can easily be overlooked. Conditions outside can change quickly and effect your move so check the weather in advance and then follow it closely until moving day arrives. If there is a bad snow storm and the roads are in bad condition you may need to reschedule with movers.

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